I’m Too Sexy For This Hack

Discussion at the Security Zone conference has turned to the idea of defensive security – and why we are so terrible at promoting the importance of it. @iiamit @davemarcus @indi303 @stfn42 @wimremes @chrisjohnriley and me (@myrcurial) have come up with the beginnings of a list: 0. Rediscover your passion for the job you have instead […]

A Pattern Language for Infosec

Despite the efforts of membership organizations, standards bodies, governments and individual contributors, several pieces of the infosec puzzle remain missing all of these years later. It’s time to get back to solving the question: “What is InfoSec?” Back in 1977, when men were men and the ‘stache was silken and long… Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa […]

The Infosec Technofetish

“To the glory of the blinky lights and shiny things.” ~~marching song of infosec 1999-2011 There are approximately one zillion pieces of hardware and software created for the infosec industry. Despite what the marketing departments tell you, there are really only three kinds of infosec technology: policy enforcement device – firewalls, antivirus, access control systems […]